Every neighborhood has a neighborhood squirrel. This includes your neighborhood too. You have not known this because people don’t need to know, in most cases. The neighborhood squirrel has an occupation that is most important, as you shall see.

It is refreshing and important for youth to complete chapter books they like. It gives them a sense of achievement and helps them grow as readers. The Neighborhood Squirrel is a short read with short chapters. Mysterious yet down to earth, amusing and touching, this unique story will keep readers at home and in classrooms turning the pages until the end. Make The Neighborhood Squirrel a part of your personal and school library today.


With very few words, Doggy Mad, But Why? tells a memorable short tale highlighting the power of humor and true friendship. It is a perfect picture book to introduce emotional regulation and conflict resolution.


Meet Pepe.
He has a great idea.
Pepe and Momma go on an adventure, and boy is it worth the trouble!
“Look at Pepe” teaches simple business and money concepts, the value of encouraging ideas, and thinking about others.
A charming, perfect read aloud for story time! (Children’s book ages 3-7)


The Patient Toad brings you into a wilderness, where a toad waits for lunch on her lily pad. Charming and musical, The Patient Toad encourages rhythmic reading and fun times. As a counting picture book, it also teaches simple math in an unforgettable way. (Children’s book ages 0-4)

Baldheaded Baby

Baldheaded Baby celebrates the moments children give us as they grow right before our eyes. A quick, quirky read with rhythm and charming sentiment, this picture ebook will make you and your kiddos smile. (Children’s book ages 0-4)

Clay Hats

BRIAN FORD AND HIS FAMILY moved into a new neighborhood hoping for the best. But when the neighborhood lawn guy suddenly disappears, Brian wonders if moving to the city was a good idea.

Experience the transformation of a neighborhood shaken by tragedy. Touching, fast-paced, and heartfelt, CLAY HATS is resonating with people around the world hoping and praying for change. (Novella/Fiction ages 12-up.)